Dolan’s Cage began as just a girl and her dream

Jordan Dolan grew up in small town Utica, Pennsylvania on her family farm learning the importance of hard work, giving back, helping others, and respecting the world around us. Jordan knew at a young age that she wanted to spend her life providing a service and helping people. She wanted to change the world one person at a time.

Seeking a lifestyle that would fulfill Jordan’s dreams, she enlisted in the Air Force in 2014. Her first duty station was in Turkey, and this is where Jordan found her passion for personal training and nutrition coaching. Starting with just close friends and family she took on the challenge of transforming people lives through health and wellness. Although Jordan loved helping her friends and family, she simply did not feel like she was making a big enough difference.

In 2018 Jordan’s mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, this is what sparked her passion for nutrition and foods that can act as medicine. Continuing along her Air Force career Jordan also noticed the high rates of suicide and mental health struggles within the military. These life events and realizations led Jordan to expand her research to Mental Health as a whole.

In 2019, Dolan’s Cage Inc. was born in hopes to provide services that will educate and train individuals who are seeking a sustainable lifestyle that will change lives and save lives. Finally finding her place, Jordan separated from the military in 2020 to pursue her passion full time and to make a difference in any way that the Dolan’s Cage team can.

Our Collaborative Partners

With the help of our collaborative partners, we are able to extend our services to our local communities. Please take time to check out the amazing services and activities our partners offer!

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