What We Do:

Dolan’s Cage is a nonprofit organization that was created by veterans who have a passion for creating a positive impact with educational tools and giving back to the communities they proudly serve. Our intent in this organization is to provide education to our community and members on how to establish and maintain healthy and sustainable lifestyles that can last for generations.

We provide our members with educational tools and social media content to promote information and tools that are vital in establishing a new routine. To expand our reach further, we partner with organizations that align with our mission to host educational and interactive events within our community. 

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Our Collaborative Partners

To bring our members services that are backed by our team, we partner with locally owned businesses and organizations that share the same vision for our community. If you are interested in checking out our collaborative partners, please click the logo image and you will be directed to their information!

Our Volunteers

We would like to thank all of our Dolan’s Cage Volunteers for their time and efforts in helping us make a difference. We would not have been able to make it this far without all of you. 

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If you are not located in our community (Montgomery, AL), we offer remote volunteer opportunities as well!


Our Staff

Jordan Dolan


Jordan grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and enlisted in the Air Force in 2014. Her first duty station was in Turkey, where she found her passion for personal training and nutrition coaching. 

In 2018 Jordan’s mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, sparking her interest in studying foods that can act as medicine, which she started to apply in her daily life and coaching techniques. Jordan also noticed the high rates of suicide and mental health struggles within the military. These life events and realizations led Jordan to expand her research to Mental Health as a whole.

In 2019, Dolan’s Cage Inc. was founded, and Jordan separated from the military in 2020 to pursue her passions full time and to make a difference in any way that the Dolan’s Cage team can.

Elsa Heglin

elsa cropped for website
Vice President

Elsa is 26 years old and originally from Massachusetts. She joined the Air Force at 17, and promptly got stationed in Turkey where she and Jordan met and ultimately became best friends.

After Turkey, Elsa ended up being stationed in Florida for 5 years, where she met her fiance, Nate. 

In 2020 Elsa made the decision to separate from the Air Force after 7 years of service to work alongside her best friend.

She now resides in Montgomery with Nate, their 4 dogs, and their snake. She is passionate about helping the community that she has become a part of and hopes to one day be able to extend her reach into rescuing animals as well.