Our Events

Our events focus on educating our community on how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, along with special events with collaborative partners. 



Community Involvement

Each event that we host has a theme that corresponds with the education that we will be teaching. We focus on bringing our community the most up-to-date and scientifically backed information in an easily digestible format.

We believe that practice makes perfect when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, so we include an application station for our participants to practice what we learned during our event!

The Dolan’s Cage Team strives to build lasting relationships with each one of our members, event participants, volunteers, and community members.

If you have an event in mind, have an idea for what we can bring to our community, or are an organization that would like to partner with us, please use the “Contact Us” button!

Past Event Highlights:

Spring Cleaning & Giving Event

Our First Annual Spring Cleaning & Giving Event was created to encourage our community to support local organizations and to give back by donating items that would benefit our youth.

The donations that we receive will be sorted through, documented, and then given to The Boys and Girls Club of the River Region and Bridges Girls Home (TEARS- Teens Empowerment Awareness with Resolutions).

If you would like more information on approved donation items or this event, please contact us.

All About Eating Healthy:

We teamed up with The Boys & Girls Club of Montgomery, the Grandview YMCA, and Monument Dental to bring our youth together to teach them about living a healthy lifestyle!

During this event, we read “Oh the Things You Can Do That Are Good For You!” by Dr. Seuss, then we broke the children into teams and assigned them a coach to lead them through their stations. Each station had an educational card with an activity that allowed the children to practice what they had just learned.

All of our teams also learned how to build a healthy and balanced lunch, and were sent home with Dolan’s Cage water bottles, Donated oral hygiene goodie bags from Monument Dental, and an educational booklet with recipes, exercises, reminders of what they learned at our event, and a certificate from our team for their participation in our event!


The #CAGE22CHALLENGE was developed to kickstart the New Year with the tools that will assist anyone in their wellness journey regardless of the experience level that the individual holds. 

As a team of Veterans, we are very passionate about bringing awareness to Veteran suicides and honoring our fellow military service members. Although the #CAGE22CHALLENGE is only utilizing the “22 Push Up Challenge” portion of the original #22Kill challenge within our protocol, we would like to acknowledge Andrew K. Nguyen, the Founder of the #22Kill challenge and pay our respects to our fellow military members. 

Our 2021 challenge began on January 3rd, 2022 and ended on February 1st, 2022 with a total of 22 “competition days” to encourage a healthy balance within the competitor’s lifestyle. 

Included in our first challenge was:

  • Daily workouts for both at-home and gym users
  • Detailed exercise descriptions for each workout
  • Daily mental health journal entries
  • A nutritional education toolkit
  • Weekly check-ins 

The winner of our #CAGE22CHALENGE won two free items of Dolan’s Cage Merch, a free month of personal training, and a free month of nutrition coaching with our collaborative partner, Clover Innovations!

Our #CAGE22CHALLENGE will be updated and conducted annually. Sign-up windows for our challenge open up on December 22nd, 2022, with an official start date of January 2nd, 2023.